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Fitness & Athletic Performance

Small Group Fitness Classes

Woman exercising with plyo box and man going to lift kettlebell

Not Your Typical Fitness Classes

Small Group Fitness classes integrate injury prevention, functional strength and joint resilience by teaching and training fundamental movement patterns. Backed by movement science, our classes challenge the amazing dynamics of the human body. Our goal for you is to move better, feel better and look better for the rest of your life!

Functional Strength

Our Functional Strength class consists of programming that combines both bodyweight and equipment-based exercises in a way that is challenging and fun. Multiple exercises are assigned with a single piece of equipment (using stations) so more time can be spent working, increasing your overall intensity while also allowing you more exercise variety. Examples include: dumbbells, plyo boxes, battle ropes, Kettlebell and TRX straps. Emphasis will be placed on proper form as even this can make any given exercise a bit harder!  Get ready to become stronger in ways that carry over into daily life activities.

Woman Using Battle Rope - Mobile

Greatest HIITs Circuit

HIIT workouts combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise, like resistance training.  Our Greatest HIITs class not only maximizes the benefits for cardio-respiratory health but supports your optimal caloric burning capacity to scorch fat and increase endurance.  And we have the playlist to keep you moving and motivated!

Man and woman training together doing planks

Strongman Lift

Don’t just get in shape, test your super strength ability! Strongman will push you to build strength with functional movement and specific exercises to tap into your inner superhero. Strong men and strong women of all levels are welcome. The weight will be tailored for each individual and progress as you build your resilience. Come test your determination to become the next Strongman/woman!

Smiling muscle man flexing with superman shirt

Kickboxing Bootcamp

Kickboxing Bootcamp combines martial arts techniques with our heavy bags and strength training exercises. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

Kickboxing man balancing on one leg in defensive position

Full Body Fusion

We never want you or your body to get bored with the standard class.  Fully Body Fusion combines multiple types of exercise to make you work twice as hard with double the benefits.  We fuse anything from fitness & endurance to flexibility & mobility, all while improving posture, core and confidence.

Man straining to push over a giant tire