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Fitness & Athletic Performance

Athletic Prehab & Performance

Football player running with ball benefiting from athletic performance training

Multi-Tiered Approach to Athletic Improvement

CAMISA trainers are skilled in orthopedic prehab & rehab as they work with the doctors of physical therapy in our patient care setting. Our Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention Training is approved by our Doctors of Physical Therapy, and carried out by our skilled CAMISA Certified Trainers.

CAMISA’s sport specific athletic training emphasizes evidence-based movement to improve performance, joint resilience and athletic recovery. Programs are designed based on research-backed exercises by Dr. Stuart McGill, Rob Donatelli, Shirley Sahrman, Chris Powers, and more, to optimize performance, prevent injury and keep athletes in the game. CAMISA’s APP program consists of 3 components: (1) Prevention; (2) Performance; (3) Recovery

1. Prevention

The foundation of any athlete and any body in movement is core stability with power production at the hips & shoulders. Our assessment addresses any imbalances to improve stability & mobility in the kinetic chain. The CAMISA Dynamic Assessment, administered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, or the CAMISA Dynamic Screen, administered by a CAMISA trainer, is first used to determine the athlete’s risk of injury and any current injuries that need attention.

2. Performance

Performance training is supervised by CAMISA trainers at the direction of the team’s coach and/or team trainer. The main focus of our expert supervision is injury prevention and immediate assistance in recovery. However, the CAMISA trainers are ready and able to fully direct a training session in our cutting-edge facility.

3. Recovery

Inflammation is the enemy of athletic conditioning and performance. This is why recovery is such an integral part of an athlete’s career. CAMISA’s regenerative modalities enhance athletic recovery through the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent, infrared sauna, the BioCharger, manual therapy & physical therapy.

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