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Fitness & Athletic Performance

Sports Medicine & Consultation

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Fitness Optimization to Meet Sports Demands

At CAMISA, we believe that every athlete and every body in motion should have the chance to move and perform optimally, in training, on the field or on the court. We educate the patient on the most appropriate exercises based on the demands of their sport, their individual anatomy, injury history and goals. From a safety perspective, we consult on modifying traditional exercises and training approaches to avoid breakdown of tissue and prevent injury. After a full assessment is conducted on the patient’s movement attributes and deficits, we make recommendations on the most appropriate exercise prescription.

We offer two options for those seeking individualized consultation on movement, athletic performance and injury prevention:

  • CAMISA Dynamic Assessment
  • CAMISA Dynamic Screen.

CAMISA Dynamic Assessment

The CAMISA Dynamic Assessment, administered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, is a thorough movement assessment used to determine the athlete’s/client’s risk of injury, any current injuries that need attention and/or movement deficits that would hinder optimal strength and performance.

The foundation of any athlete and any body in movement is core stability with power production at the hips & shoulders. Our assessment addresses any imbalances to improve stability & mobility in the kinetic chain. The athlete/client is prescribed a movement plan to support and promote their health and fitness goals, whether it’s sport-specific, overall strength and performance, or just pain-free movement.

CAMISA Dynamic Screen

The CAMISA Dynamic Screen is administered by one of our CAMISA Fitness Trainers to determine client movement patterns as it pertains to any previous injuries, movement imbalances or concerns of the client. Our CAMISA trainers have worked in the clinic under Dr. Joe Camisa and have a foundation in the McGill Method to be able to effectively coach movement that decreases risk of injury and promotes optimal function, strength and performance.

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We accept all commercial insurance providers. For those with private insurance, we operate as an out-of-network facility since we spend more time with our patients. We serve as an in-network provider for Medicare patients only. Workers comp and coverage from automobile cases are honored, but only via doctor referral. We confirm every new patient’s benefits and let them know what the cost will be before starting treatment. Self-pay options are available for those without coverage or for services not covered by insurance.