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McGill Method Assessment

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Reducing Low Back Pain & Injury

Patients scheduling a McGill Assessment with Dr. Camisa are first recommended to obtain and read Back Mechanic by Dr. Stuart McGill. Visit to learn more about Dr. McGill’s work.

As a McGill Method Certified practitioner, Dr. Camisa has training in assisting clients in reducing the risk of disabling low back pain and injury, optimizing their health outcomes and enhancing their performance. Dr. Camisa has studied how to use information obtained from history taking and movement assessment to better match corrective/therapeutic and performance enhancement exercises. He is also experienced in identifying nuances of technique to reduce a client’s pain.

This gives the patient a foundation of knowledge of the McGill approach and optimizes the session for both patient and practitioner. The patient is thoroughly and extensively assessed through interview and physical testing and educated on specific movements according to their pain triggers. Findings are documented on the cause of pain/dysfunction. This includes a plan to avoid the cause and a guide to a progressive therapeutic program according to the patient’s goals.

In addition, Dr. Camisa has extrapolated this approach to other joints in the body in order to find the mechanical cause of pain. He uses this “whole body approach” as the basis to diagnose and treat multiple injuries and pained joints. From there, he coaches better movement, habits and posture to avoid the pain triggers and make the joint more resilient to load.

Dr. Joe Camisa and Dr. Stuart McGill
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Dr. Stuart McGill conducts his analysis of MMA fighters Georges St-Pierre and David Loiseau. Video by The Striking Truth, Steven J. Wong

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