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Perform Better! Fitness Products

Colored barbell plates by Perform Better Products

Functional Training Gear

A knowledgeable staff, great products and service, an expert group of advisors. That’s what makes them Perform Better. Expert Staff! Speed, strength, agility, power, stability and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition. With this in mind, Perform Better has carefully selected each fitness equipment product in its catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance or rehabilitation. Whether you’re trying to make your athletes stronger, faster or more explosive, you can trust their expert staff to suggest the right fitness products to meet your needs.

Bosu Balance Trainer​ by Perform Better Fitness Equipment

Bosu Balance Trainer

The BOSU Balance Trainer is like a stability ball with a flat bottom. The BOSU is four products in one! Stability ball, balance pillow, wobble board and plyo box. With “bubble” side up, sit, stand, lie, kneel or jump. Learn More

First Place Competition Kettlebell​ by Perform Better Fitness Equipment

First Place Competition Kettlebell

First Place Competition Kettlebells are competition style kettlebells made from a steel shell with an unpainted, sanded handle. The kettlebells are available in 16 different weights (from 8 kg. to 48 kg). Learn More

First Place Mini Band​ by Perform Better Fitness Equipment

First Place Mini Band

Mini-Bands have a durable design – the bands will stretch up to 2.5 times their length. Mini Exercise Bands are 9″ L x 2″ W. Use them for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises. Learn More

First Place Hanging Club Mat​ by Perform Better Fitness Equipment

First Place Hanging Club Mat

Lightweight, 1/2 inch thick, durable foam exercise mats. Durable foam mats are great for any floor-based exercises. The mats have eyelets for easy hanging. Easy to clean! Will not absorb water. Learn More