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Fitness Goal

Improve Athletic Performance

Professional baseball pitcher benefits from athletic performance training

Research-backed Sport Specific Training

CAMISA’s sport specific athletic training emphasizes evidence-based movement to improve performance, joint resilience and athletic recovery. Programs are designed based on research-backed exercises by Dr. Stuart McGill, Rob Donatelli, Shirley Sahrman, Chris Powers, and more, to optimize performance, prevent injury and keep athletes in the game. CAMISA’s Athletic Prehab & Performance program consists of 3 components: (1) Prevention; (2) Performance; (3) Recovery.

In addition to athletic training, athletic goals can be achieved with our nutrition counseling, acupuncture, functional dry needling, FSM Wellness protocols, BioCharger recipes, infrared sauna, and Recover & Recharge sessions.  Each of our wellness services offers specific protocols to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

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