Now offering acupuncture & trigger point needling services!

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Approaches to Wellness

Techniques & Technologies

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Modern Methods for Wellness

At CAMISA, we utilize and promote advanced techniques and technologies in our healthcare, fitness and wellness services. Our evidence-based approach has proven highly effective in helping our patients and clients heal BETTER and heal FASTER. Our goal at CAMISA is to make sure you move better, feel better and look better, inside and outside our facility.

Infrared Sauna

FSM Wellness Recharge Programs

Biocharger NG

Energy Light Rejuvenation™

Nutrition & Stress Management

Zyto Scan


We accept all commercial insurance providers. For those with private insurance, we operate as an out-of-network facility since we spend more time with our patients. We serve as an in-network provider for Medicare patients only. Workers comp and coverage from automobile cases are honored, but only via doctor referral. We confirm every new patient’s benefits and let them know what the cost will be before starting treatment. Self-pay options are available for those without coverage or for services not covered by insurance.