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Fitness Goal

Injury Prevention & Gym Safety

Woman safely exercising upper body with overhead straps

Reducing the Risk of Training Injuries

Proper movement is the key to injury prevention. CAMISA prides itself on creating a functional fitness atmosphere where our clients can continue to move and exercise without worrying about getting hurt. We strive for optimal movement where the body is most resilient and least likely to break down. This will allow the client to pull more performance from their body with less chance of crossing the biological tipping point which leads to injury.  

Any trainer can beat you up and get you to burn calories. It takes skill to design a program that not only enhances your fitness goals, but also preserves the integrity of your body and joints. Our doctors of physical therapy have treated patients that have gotten hurt through improper training. Our goal is to reverse this stigma and offer a training facility that enhances you physically without compromising your body.

In addition to fitness training, injury prevention goals can be achieved with a focus on recovery through acupuncture, functional dry needling, FSM Wellness protocols, BioCharger recipes, infrared sauna, and Recover & Recharge sessions. Each of our wellness services offers specific protocols for fat reduction and weight loss.