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Energy Light Rejuvenation ™

The Latest Trend in Beauty is 4000 Years Old!

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is the future of skin care technology. Developed from ancient healing traditions, ELR™ is where holistic goes high-tech! Bridging eastern technique and western technology, Energy Light Rejuvenation allows for individualized treatments. Combining Frequency Specific Microcurrent with Therapeutic Light and Color (TLC), these treatments provide a one-of-kind rejuvenation that meets your specific needs. ELR is the perfect renewal remedy for those who want to hold the hands of time and age at their own pace.

Benefits of Energy Light Rejuvenation™

  • Encourages Collagen & Elastin Production
  • Smooths Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Improves Skin Tone & Coloration
  • Firms Skin Texture
  • Diminishes Blemishes and Breakouts
  • Minimizes Puffiness, Bags & Sagging
  • Promotes Youthful, Glowing, Relaxed & Energized Skin

Without surgery, needles, redness flaking, downtime or discomfort!

How Does ELR™ work?

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body. ELR™’s exclusive combination of Microcurrent and Therapeutic Light and Color (TLC) re-educates facial muscles and addresses the underlying causes of visible aging. The magic of ELR™ is the use of color and light. Color is how the body communicates on the cellular level. Through the application of color light at targeted muscle points, information is fed to the body through energy resonance. This information is delivered directly where it is needed to balance the body and bring forth your innate beauty with results that go beyond any other non-surgical treatment. You’ll feel and see the benefits of ELR™ after the first treatment. Noticeable results occur after three treatments. Dramatic results after 10 treatments.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Side Effects
  • No Pain
  • No Healing Downtime
  • Holistic

What to Expect during an ELR™ session?

A facial rejuvenation session utilizes a unique combination of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), Color Light Chromo-therapy, and pure organic skincare products. There are 2 Levels and 7 Phases of ELR™.

Level 1

Mini Facial, 30 minute, Phases I, II, V

Level 2

Full Facial, 60 Minutes, Phases I-VII

Phase I

Opens channels, improves circulation & stimulates cell turnover

Phase II

Restores tone by re-educating the muscles and dissolving impurities.

Phase III

Uses a Palm Organix™ CBD Face Mask to refresh and rejuvenate with nourishing and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Phase IV

Opens the pores and promotes energy circulation in the face. Specific frequencies & colors are used according to the patient’s skin concerns.

Phase V

Uses facial gua sha or cupping to lift and detoxify the skin.

Phase VI

Closes the pores and targets facial muscles and specific imperfections. Specific frequencies & colors are used according to the patient’s skin concerns.

Phase VII

Lifts and rejuvenates the neck.

Depending on the individual goals, the treatment phases can include various techniques and products including light probes, facial massage, bar electrodes, serums, and moisturizers.

In each phase of treatment, microcurrent and light are applied to different points and lines on the face, in conjunction with specially formulated organic skin care products. The FSM machine is set according to specific intensity, frequency, waveform, modulation, polarity and light color.

Each Color Delivers a Specific Benefit

The following colors of the light therapy are listed with their aesthetic health benefits.

  • Red : Anti-Aging, combats wrinkles, increases collagen production
  • Purple : Cell Rejuvenation, increases regeneration & renewal
  • Blue : Anti-Inflammatory, anti-acne, eliminates acne-causing bacteria
  • Cyan : Skin Soother, calms irritated skin, reduces size of swollen capillaries
  • Green : Skin Balancer, helps even skin complexion
  • Yellow : Redness Reducer, alleviates redness from inflammation, sunburn & rosacea
  • Orange : Revitalizer, promotes a brighter glow, adds vitality to dull complexions

Color Wavelength Chart (PDF)

This is the most relaxing facial treatment you will ever receive! Many people fall asleep during these sessions, then wake feeling and looking as if they have had a great rest. Unlike many traditional medical esthetic treatments, this is a non-invasive and painless treatment designed to cleanse, revitalize, and nourish the skin. During some of the phases of treatment, you may notice a tingling or prickling sensation, which we adjust to your comfort level.

How Many ELR™ Sessions Are Necessary?

Each person is different and has unique goals and needs. Generally, 10-20 sessions are recommended. You will notice a difference in how you look and feel after the first treatment. By the 3rd to 4th treatment, your friends and family will begin to notice changes. The lasting and more dramatic effects are generally seen by the 9th and 10th treatments. We recommend the first 10 sessions be received twice weekly and the following 10 sessions spaced from weekly to monthly, depending on each person’s needs.

Pricing for Mini Facial

Pricing for Full Facial

🚨 Contraindications/Precautions: Energy Light Rejuvenation is not recommended for people who are sensitive to light, have epilepsy, are using photo-sensitizing drugs or have migraines brought on by light. Energy Light Rejuvenation is not advised for pregnant patients. Please consult your physician if you have a serious illness of any kind, including high blood pressure, hematomas, extreme rosacea, ulcerated skin. If you have a pacemaker or taking blood thinners, please consult your physician.