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Are You Experiencing Hip Pain?

Photo of woman holding hip pinpointing area of pain

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common injury, often linked to back injuries. The hip, a ball-and-socket joint, has the most range of motion of all our joints, making it susceptible to injury. We are designed to generate power with our ball-and-socket joints, therefore, in addition to mobility, the hip requires stability and strength to avoid injury. Combined with a stiff core as an anchor point, the hip generates power for athleticism such as changing direction on the field, jumping, acceleration, deceleration, and rotational movements such as kicking, punching, swinging a bat/hockey stick, etc. Therefore, the hip is exposed to a host of injury mechanisms through sports and daily activities. Hip pain is commonly misdiagnosed because of its mechanical link to the lumbar spine. Low back referred pain can often present as hip pain. Our therapists will perform a detailed assessment to determine the correct diagnosis. Physical therapy and acupuncture are common treatments for hip pain.

Common diagnoses that involve hip pain:

  • Tendinosis/tendinitis (gluteal, psoas, hamstring, adductor, etc.)
  • Acetabular labral Injuries
  • Hip ligament injury
  • Fracture
  • Arthritis
  • Femoral acetabular impingement
  • Referred pain from lumbar spine
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Sports hernia
  • Bursitis
  • Postsurgical conditions
  • Hip replacement
  • Myofascial scarring
  • Gluteal amnesia
  • Balance issues/instability

Identify Contributing Factors & Find Relief

Our physical therapy program for hip pain involves identifying the mechanical cause, removing pain triggers, and improving posture, stability, mobility, strength & endurance.

We utilize all of our CAMISA techniques to relieve pain and restore function: physical therapy, patient education, manual therapy, exercise, acupuncture, frequency specific microcurrent, myofascial decompression, and more. The specific methods used will vary from patient to patient as no patient is exactly the same.

At CAMISA, we also offer certified fitness trainers who help athletes train with the proper form and techniques to help avoid injury.