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Fitness Goal

Increased Functional Strength

Man doing push-ups with proper form for building strength

Strength to Support the Activities of Daily Life

CAMISA’s core philosophy of functional strength focuses on developing strength that can be translated to everyday life, occupation and sport. Building functional strength and fitness involves utilizing complex full-body movements with multiple joints by increasing neural drive and creating proximal stiffness to unleash distal mobility or athleticism.

Strength happens with a thought, and the faster the thought gets from the brain to the muscles, the more explosive and the more powerful the contraction. This is the concept of neural drive, which is enhanced through optimal posture and core stiffness. Our programming takes our clients to the next level in their functional strength with these core concepts combined with our innovative exclusive training equipment.

In addition to functional strength training, strength goals can be achieved with our nutrition counseling, acupuncture, functional dry needling, FSM Wellness protocols, BioCharger recipes, infrared sauna, and Recover & Recharge sessions. Each of our wellness services offers specific protocols to enhance physical and mental strength.