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Dr. Gerard Malanga of NJ Regenerative Institute on CAMISA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

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A Pioneering Doctor & Cherished Friend

Dr. Malanga, a great friend, amazing person and brilliant doctor believed in what we do at Camisa Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab. A partner at NJ Regenerative Institute in Cedar Knolls, Gerry practiced patient-centered medicine and healthcare. He truly cared about what happened to his patients when they walked out of his office. He was beyond the type of doctor who just performed procedures; he listened, he cared and he followed up with his patients. He was a pioneer in regenerative medicine and believed in functional and holistic healthcare. We shared many similar beliefs and values, both in healthcare and in life. Dr. Joe Camisa and Dr. Malanga bonded over their views of health and wellness. Gerry passed away on May 14, 2022, and the world truly lost a gem, a great person, family man, and doctor. May he rest in peace.


I met Joe and Caitlin many years ago now when he was first, he came by my office prior to him starting Camisa Physical Therapy and Fitness. I get a lot of people that come by my office to present what they have to offer and I found Joe quite interesting because he had this extensive additional training beyond most physical therapists. He also looked at things in a more comprehensive manner and he and I had a really good initial discussion way back then where I sort of probed him on some things and he had some interesting responses regarding the spine and just regarding assessments and treatment.

Then from there he went on to start Camisa Physical Therapy and fitness and so we’ve shared Many patients since that time and we have had Many discussions on a variety of different treatments – the different types of treatments that are offered by Joe at Camisa Physical Therapy and fitness. They range not only from traditional physical therapy things but also from innovative treatments such as blood flow restriction therapy frequency specific microcurrent treatments cupping, the various soft tissue work.

In the treatment that you get from Joe in the physical therapy fitness center, it is very patient centered, very comprehensive, and very personalized to the patient, and the patient issues which is something that’s not found in medicine in general and certainly not found in most physical therapy centers. When you come to Camisa Physical Therapy and Fitness you come to something more than just physical therapy treatment.

So I commonly refer patients to Joe and the Camisa Physical Therapy Fitness because in my assessment of treatment of patients, I seek treatment that is in the best interest of the patient. Patients will look to me for guidance as to how to get to the various aspects of their treatment and to guide them to the most comprehensive and thoughtful and patient-centered treatments and that’s why I refer them to Joe in the Camisa Physical Therapy fitness center.

So I personally see a variety of conditions, orthopedic conditions that range from young to old I am triple boarded in physical medicine rehabilitation, pain medicine, and sports medicine. And so the types of patients that I see are a great variety in my office. We treat a variety of conditions with innovative treatments that include cellular treatments that include platelet-rich plasma treatments and following those treatments we really need to tap into the healing by getting a really innovative and thoughtful physical therapy. So we’ve shared patients, a variety of type of patients.

One patient in particular had three tears of her rotator cuff. Something that would be unimaginable to treat without surgical treatment and quite frankly surgical treatment for that type of process would generally require a shoulder replacement. This patient, she was a bit older maybe late 60s early 70s was not interested in a joint replacement, was seeking any other treatment to assist her with her pain and with her function. We treated her with an adipose cellular procedure that provided some initial benefit but it required the addition of hands-on, thoughtful, comprehensive physical therapy and now this woman is able to do all of her activities of daily living without pain with near normal motion and with some strength deficits. But no deficit that interferes with the activities of daily living – an outcome that would essentially be unheard of in any other scenario.

Healthcare in general is lacking in terms of its comprehensiveness and its personal nature is lacking in terms of what is now referred to as personalized medical treatments. People talk about it – very few people deliver it. Here at Camisa Physical Therapy, Joe delivers on that. People have to try to navigate to what physical therapy is. that term “Physical Therapy” is a pretty broad wastebasket term and one person’s physical therapy is nowhere near the type of physical therapy that you’re going to get in a place like this that ranges and looks at the person in total. Ranges from not only what structure is injured but what other structures could be impacting on that injury. Not only on their physical being but also their vibrational. Not only on exercising, but personal hands-on soft tissue graston treatment and other treatments and offers, begins to offer now the compendium of care from an injured person to somebody from recovery to enhancing fitness. Includes things like acupuncture treatment, nutritional advice, and things like that. So when you want to treat the whole being, then you have to go beyond just the standard shake and bake physical therapy that’s out there today.

And that’s what Joe and Camisa Physical Therapy offers patients.