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Patient Interview with Jerry Vezza Recovering from Achilles Tear, Low Back & Neck Pain

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Identified & Addressed Root Cause of Pain

“He’s changed my life” – Patient Jerry Vezza on Dr. Joe, praising the rehab he’s received at with us and the difference he sees in being a CAMISA patient. Changing lives one patient at a time. We’re able to make a difference in our patients’ lives because of the time we spend one-on-one At CAMISA, our assessments range from 1-3 hours, depending on the patient’s injury and needs. This enables us to find the root cause of pain and fully assessment the biomechanical issues. Thank you, Jerry for sharing your story so we can continue to help as many people as possible!


I came to Joe Camisa through a very well-renowned doctor. I had seen a previous doctor and he sent me to a good PT center and they made my problem worse. I was diagnosed with micro tears in my achilles tendon and I literally couldn’t walk. I was wearing a boot and I was in a lot of pain.

So when I saw Joe, he did a very thorough evaluation of me and discovered that the problem was really emanating from my low back which resonated with me because I’ve had low back pain most of my adult life and it made perfect sense.

So Joe began treating my low back in an effort to help the Achilles and he used a lot of great techniques. He did cupping which I had never done before. Scraping and tool work, as they call it, microcurrent. But he also taught me the right kind of exercises to do to strengthen the muscles that would help give me stability and get me out of pain.

I realized that I was doing all the wrong things for years – rolling on rollers and stretching and whatever making things worse. So together with the exercise and all the modalities that Joe used not only did my low back improve but my achilles tendon improved.

I also was having trouble with my neck. I’m a piano tuner my whole life and a professional pianist, I’m always hunching over pianos. So Joe has helped me tremendously with my neck pain again with these various modalities.

And all in all he’s changed my life because I’m able to hike and walk miles a day. I see him regularly. He helped me with (I developed maybe from walking too much) arthritis in my my right toe. He got me out of pain with that.

And I do the exercises religiously and you know I just got back from Italy and hurt my sciatic nerve from doing the manual transmission. Joe did some cupping one session, sciatic pain is gone.

So, Joe’s my man and this physical therapy and sports rehab center he has I think is as good as it gets, so I’m very grateful. Having had many orthopedic issues for most of my life, I would say that if you’re having any orthopedic issues, lack of mobility, pain, weakness, I really urge you to see Joe Camisa.

I give him the highest recommendation.